e-Newsletter ShowCase

Here's a few samples to show you a little of what's possible
Courtney Email Sample
Courtney Email Sample
Courtney Email Sample

Standard Features

RealtyReport E-News

Above the Fold

The Masthead

The Masthead is the first section of your e-Newsletter that your recipient sees. We offer big, bold Variable Mastheads that change every issue.

If the Variable Masthead designs are not branded enough, no problem. We have a selection of branded masthead templates.

You can also submit a fully customized design in any dimension. We recommend an 1800 x 500 pixel JPEG image for best quality on Retina and High-DPI displays. You can go as tall as you like.

The Salutation

The Email is addressed to a recipient with a friendly "Hello". If you send us a list with First Names, or if you've filled in the First Name column in our Mailing List Editor, we use that in the salutation. Otherwise, we use the Full Name field. If you only have email addresses, the Email salutation is simply "Hello".

The Greeting Message

The Greeting Message is where you can personalize the e-Newsletter to your clients. Put in a seasonal message, or some local news, links, whatever you like. Update it every issue, or leave it alone - it's your choice.

RealtyReport E-News

Featured Articles

Every month, we showcase 4 of the 20 available articles in the newsletter.

You don't have to do anything with the Featured Articles section - it's automatically setup for you every month, based on which versions you choose.

The featured articles lead off with the Local version, if you chose one, and follow with Single Family Homeowner and Condo articles.

We use great looking high resolution images for every feature.

RealtyReport E-News

Local Events

Request the Local Events section and you can make your e-Newsletter speak directly to your audience about events in your community.

This section doesn't have to be local events - you can put anything in here.

RealtyReport E-News


The new E-News builder tool makes it easy for you to setup a Listings section.

Drag and drop photos right into the Editor. Easily apply text styles and colour. Setup links that go directly to your real estate listings page.

You can use our 1-column or 2-column designs, or build your own look.

You can add as many listings as you like. Remember, it's up to you to maintain this section.

RealtyReport E-News

Personal Info

The Personal Info section is all about you. Here we have your Photo, Logo and Contact Info.

Use high-resolution photos and logos with transparency for the best effects.

Everything in the Contact Info section appears on your Landing Page

This is the ideal place to add your Social Media links.

Custom Features

The E-Newsletter is highly customizable and supports much more than what's showcased here. It suppports:

  • Custom Background Colours
  • Custom Content Blocks for Images or Text content
  • Rows with full width background images
  • Content Blocks with Video Thumbnails
  • Custom HTML, including tables

You can add all these elements yourself. You can also get our help — ask about our custom design services. We can help you brand your e-Newsletter to your specifications.